Robyn Hammond Design

New ’Garden’ design

{CAPTION}The power of social media. I love that I can share my new designs on so many platforms. I added this new floral design to my Redbubble account yesterday. It’s already on Spoonflower and getting lots of likes. I shared this image to show the phone case on my Facebook page and it sold almost immediately. Fantastic news. Especially as the new iPhones are about to launch and Redbubble has the new sizes available.

Say no to plastic bags.

Hi everyone

I am on a mission. Let’s change our shopping habits and save the environment at the same time. Seeing these 15c plastic bags at the supermarket is upsetting, because I think they will still end up in landfill. 15c is too cheap and makes them disposable. We need to get into good shopping habits. Leave some bags in your car and some near your front door, and that way we can change our plastic habits of grabbing a bag at the till. My tote bag designs are of Australian birds. They are available on Redbubble, along with many other designs. Not only can they be used over and over again, and save the environment, but you are supporting a local Sydney designer.

If you’re looking to get your own bags designed for your retail store, send me an email. I would love to hear from you. I can design a bag to suit your branding and logo.

New website


Hi there,

Welcome to my new website. As you can see, it’s focused and designed around the wonderful world of surface design. It’s a whole new space for me, being able to create digital designs and upload them onto a variety of print-on-demand sites. I have been with Redbubble now for about a year and love offering a diverse range of products and designs. I have a new account with Spoonflower. On there, I am working on ranges of coordinating stories and designs that clients can mix and match or have on their own. Spoonflower is an amazing space with 1000’s of designers and many more designs. There are no minimum orders and the variety of base cloths is incredible. Roostery, their sister co offers the same designs, however in made up home furnishing items.

And I have been getting mentoring from the fabulous Nerida Hansen who has added some of my designs to her Atelier site. (Photo from her website.) Thanks to Nerida, I am concentrating on designing in ranges. Good idea!

If there is something that I can help you with in surface design, please get in touch. I can just about draw anything on my IPad, so please ask. Look forward to getting more designs and products out to a wider audience.

Thanks for looking.