My design for Elan USA for Resort wear

Designing for companies around the world has become so easy and commonplace with the amazing technology available today. And, being a self employed surface and textile artist means I can work from my studio in Sydney or be on holiday anywhere and still be able to create and upload designs. When I used to work at Longina Phillips Studio eons ago, everything was painstakingly hand painted and quite laborious to fix or alter and put into design repeat. No longer! I can create designs on an IPad that can be made to look hand painted and turn them into repeats fairly easily.

This design is one of my success stories from recent months. I entered a design competition/challenge for a New York based design company called Printed Village who create monthly challenges for their clients, who are looking for specific prints to fill a gap in their range. Textile Designers from around the globe answer the design brief, create relevant designs and upload them by a designated time for judging. The entries are chosen by the clients and designs selected are then paid for. This design was selected by Elan USA as the winner for this resort wear challenge. Very pleased to see my hard work paying off and this design is on a variety of garments. The design was also made in a pink and green colour way.

So, if you are looking for a special print for a project, I love working to a brief and happy to help. Please email me via my contact page.