Devonstone Collection with Two Green Zebras

I love how the universe sometimes puts you in touch with the right person at the right time. As a designer, I have been ticking off mini goals in getting my surface designs out there for people to buy. My first foray into the world of surface design was opening my Redbubble store. It has some good sellers each month but is definitely passive income that ticks over nicely. I add new designs monthly just to keep it feeling fresh. My next estore was opening a Spoonflower account. This shop has many designs and many collections and I have quite a wide variety of sales each month from people buying upholstery, dress fabrics to stretch Lycra for leggings and swimwear. And a big chunk of bag designers are using my designs to be sold on Etsy and at markets. I love the mix of customers and the fact that people around the globe are my customers.

One of my most exciting collaborations came about because of instagram and this is the universe bit I mentioned. The owner of Two Green Zebras liked a design of mine on Instagram so I boldly got in touch asking him if they needed any new designs. The answer was a resounding yes and so far I am proud to say I have sold 22 designs with them, with another drop coming soon. They love my Australian inspired designs and are always open to new additions.

I have been involved with two other collaborations which are still a little bit secret but watch this space. More will be revealed soon and I am so excited. I never take what I do for granted. I eat, sleep, breathe textile design so it’s good to know my work is not really work at all. I am living my passion. I have some big goals to achieve and after a chance meeting this morning, I am crossing fingers something comes of it.