I am a surface artist and designer, living in Sydney’s Inner West. I live with my 3 daughters, husband and our small black dog called Charlie. I love drawing and painting and have embraced the new world of technology by drawing digitally on my IPad.

Being creative and having a passion for art, colour and design has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. Thinking back to my formative years, my favourite teacher in high school was my art teacher. She instilled in me a love of colour and design. My final major work was a very large piece of fabric, meticulously dyed in a batik wax resist method inspired by the organic lines and shapes of oversized mushrooms. I still own the art piece, and didn’t realise then, that it was setting me on path. I have had a creative work life, however I am happiest creating designs for any surface.

So what inspires me? I am drawn to the rhythm of nature. The shapes, the patterns, the colours, and textures that it provides as inspiration, a starting point. Nature pairs colours and textures in accidental beautiful ways. Subdued and gentle or wild and bold, nature’s palette has it all. I love nothing more than being outdoors with my camera, snapping the finer details of a flower, a leaf or a pattern on a tree. And then, aided by technology, I am able to turn my constant stream of drawings into surface patterns and textile prints. The world of surface design is so diverse with so many end uses available. From murals, to home furnishings, homewares, stationery, apparel and accessories, there is nothing that can’t be adorned. I am so excited by all the opportunities out there.